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Dye Pot (2004)
  • Made by Dorkas Talan
  • Benlutu village, West Timor
  • Ceramic
  • Height 16 cm. (6 in)
  • Code # C.PO.BN.006

Amanuban pottery market,
West Timor
The Timorese people use these large, open earthenware pots for cooking, washing, and for fermenting indigo leaves to make rich blue dyes for textiles. Ora It Laborah cooperative, from Benlutu village, West Timor, makes these na`i pots. The cooperative uses all traditional methods: the pots are pit-fired over dried cow dung and hand-painted with natural mineral pigments. Smoke and dye stains give each pot a unique character.

Dynamic local traditions in pottery, weaving, and basketry thrive in every corner of West Timor. Each part of the island features unique designs, motifs, and colors. Natural plant and mineral dyes are still used in many traditional art forms.