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Kalumbut Hada
Kalumbut Hada
Ceremonial Betelnut bag (2007)
  • Appliqued beads
  • Rindi village, Sumba
  • 25 cm - 63 cm (9 x 24 in)
  • Made by Umbu Darius
  • Code # C.SU.RE.029

Keliti Njara
A kalumbut hada is a beaded betel bag worn by the male papanggangu, a ritual representative at important ceremonies such as funerals; once, they headed agricultural rites as well. The word papanggangu means ritual attendant. A nobleman`s funeral ceremony requires at least one male and one female papanggangu, and as many as four to seven might be in attendance. During the funeral ceremony for Tamu Rambu Yuliana, the late great queen of the royal compound at Parai Yawangu, two male papanggangu--called the keliti njara and the lunggu manu--carried kalumbut hada bags. The keliti njara rode a horse at the head of the procession of papanggangu. The lunggu manu followed on foot carrying a rooster, a symbol of faith and continuity. The rooster crows each morning, without fail; his presence in the ceremony signified the family`s intention to fulfill the essential funerary rites.