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Ragak Sedang
Ragak Sedang
Vegetable Basket (2004)
  • Woven by Renai
  • Ransi Panjang village, West Kalimantan
  • Bamboo
  • Height 30 cm. (12 in)
  • Code: C.BS.JM.001

Magdalena making a basket, West Kalimantan
Each type of Dayak Desa basket is made to serve one, specific purpose. This style, called ragak sedang, is used only for washing vegetables. Other specialized baskets made by the Dayak Desa include cupai for collecting plants, tabung storage baskets, bubu fish traps, and round tanggui sun hats.

The Dayak Desa are one of many subgroups of the Dayak people, who have inhabited the forests of Kalimantan for millennia. More than six hundred Dayak Desa women in sixteen villages belong to a local cooperative called Jasa Menenun Mandiri. The cooperative helps local craftspeople sell traditional textiles and basketry, and gives them a place to save their money and take out loans. Dayak Desa baskets and textiles feature intricately stylized plant and animal motifs inspired by life and a refined traditional aesthetic.