Vocal and Instrumental Music from East and Central Flores
Music of Indonesia Vol. 8

These 1993 and 1994 recordings present the virtually unknown, rich, and highly diverse singing traditions from the eastern regions of the island of Flores, an island east of Bali. Among the wonderful traditions presented here are polyphonic singing styles strikingly similar to some Balkan music, large powerful choruses from Sikka, music for double flute, gong and drum ensembles. Extensive notes and map. 70 minutes.

Music from Central and West Flores
Music of Indonesia Vol. 9

These 1993 and 1994 recordings present the virtually unknown choral singing of Ngada and Manggarai of the island of Flores, an island east of Bali. The sounds, performed mainly at funerals and agricultural rituals, range from highly dissonant harmony to some rare instances of Indonesian counterpoint. Extensive notes and map. 73 minutes.

Kalimantan Strings
Music of Indonesia Vol. 13

An overview of string music from Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo. Musicians from five areas play music for parties, weddings, celebrations, and other local secular events. Folk songs and contemporary tunes with and without singing are played on traditional and modern regional instruments; plucked lutes, bowed lute and flute. 73 minutes. Recorded in Kalimantan, 1995.

Music from the Southeast: Sumbawa, Sumba, Timor
Music of Indonesia Vol. 16

This CD, with volumes 8 and 9, offers the first recorded survey of one of Indonesia's least known and most musically surprising regions, the southeastern islands. Each featured island presents a unique sound, from voice and violin to funerary gong ensembles, to string bands of homemade guitars and violins. Many tracks reveal foreign influences, both from colonization and American exposure. Recorded in Nusa Tenggara Timur, 1997. 74 minutes.

Kalimantan: Dayak Ritual and Festival Music
Music of Indonesia Vol. 17

Music from seven Dayak groups in three provinces, with a variety of genres and ensembles. Features Kalimantan's unique gong ensembles - unlike either the gamelan of Java and Bali or the interlocking gong ensembles of the southeastern regions - contrasting styles of choral singing, rhythmically bewildering pieces for an ensemble of struck bamboo tubes, and an overview of the music from a three-day curing ritual among the Ot Danum of West Kalimantan.

Sulawesi: Festivals, Funerals, and Work
Music of Indonesia Vol. 18

Features the energetic drumming of Makassarese pakarena, the deeply sorrowful basing funeral music of the Kajang, gong music for Mongondow weddings, and choral singing from the Toraja, from Uma-speakers of the mountainous Pipikoro region in Central Sulawesi, and the communal work songs of Minahasa. The album closes with maengket from Minahasa, spirited choral singing with drumming in celebration of the harvest. 73 minutes, 32 page booklet with map.

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