Threads of Life recommends the following links: learn more about Indonesian textiles and natural dyes,
find like-minded organizations in Asia, browse museum collections of textile artwork, or plan your visit to the Threads of Life gallery in Bali.

Collection worldwide
Art Gallery of New South Wales
A world-class collection of Indonesian textiles, sculpture and more.
  Powerhouse Museum
The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia purchased this lawo butu from Threads of Life in 2003.
Art Gallery of South Australia
Art, crafts, and trade goods from across Indonesia.
  Textile Museum
America's foremost collection of textiles from around the world.
National Gallery of Australia
One of the world's premier museum collections of Indonesian textiles.
  ULITA: The University of Leeds International Textile Archive
The Indonesian collection at the International Textile Archive at the University of Leeds, England.
International Textile Organizations
HGA-Handweavers Guild of America
HGA provides educational programs, conferences, and an award-winning quarterly publication, Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot, to its members as it seeks to increase awareness of and appreciation for the fiber arts.
  Indonesian Heritage Society
This Jakarta-based non-profit organization leads tours, study groups and lectures that explore the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia.
OATG-The Oxford Asian Textiles Group
OATG hosts lectures, study visits, and seminars based on some 9,000 Asian textiles in the Oxford collections. The group also publishes the journal Asian Textiles.
  TAASA-The Asian Arts Society of Australia
The Asian Arts Society of Australia provides a forum for enthusiasts and experts to share their interests in, and pursue the study of, a wide range of arts from the entire Asian region.
TAFTA-The Australian Forum for Textile Arts
TAFTA supports all the textile arts with publications, conferences, workshops, advice and resources.
Natural Dye Resources
EarthHues sells natural dyes, provides expertise in color, textile design and artisan craft development for the global marketplace, and helps visionary companies to develop environmentally sound methods for creating and coloring textiles.
  Esme Living Colour
Esme Hendrick-Wong is one of Southeast Asia's leading experts on natural dyes.
Woad, Inc.
Specialist woad growers, woad indigo pigment producers, woad dyers and luxurious woad-dyed textile retailers in the UK.
Research Partners
ACAIR The Australian Center for International Agricultural Research
ACIAR, Charles Darwin University and Threads of Life have teamed up to assess the income-generating potential of wild forest plants and develop sustainable systems to harvest them.
  PPI People and Plants International
PPI works with Threads of Life and weavers in the field to learn about natural dye plants and techniques, develop sustainable management systems for natural resources, facilitate inter-island workshops, and more.
Alam Asia Tours
Personalized tours that get to the unique cultural and artistic hearts of Bali, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Bhutan.
  Alam Indah Bali
Our recommended hotels in the Ubud area.
Jalan Jalan Asia Tours
Customized tours that give the best of Bali: art, cuisine, trekking and more.
  Rumah Roda
A homestay and restaurant in Ubud, and the home of the Threads of Life gallery. TOL co-founder William Ingram wrote about the Roda family in his book A Little Bit One O'clock.
Other Producers
Alola Foundation
The Alola Foundation runs a variety of programs that improve the lives of women and children in East Timor. Their retail arm, Esperanza, has partnered with Threads of Life to revive traditional textiles and support cultural continuity in this fragile nation.
  Brahma Tirta Sari
Innovative batik combining traditional and modern technique and design, incorporating style from both East and West.
Shrujan Threads of Life
Shrujan is empowering women and alleviating poverty in India through their trade in high-quality traditional textiles. They are not affiliated with Threads of Life in Indonesia, but we whole-heartedly support their work.
  Studio Naenna
An outlet in Chiang Mai, Thailand for the natural-dyed textiles produced by the Weavers for the Environment Group.
Tun Jugah Foundation
Dedicated to cultivating the traditional ikat textile arts of the Iban Dayak people of Kalimantan and Malaysia.
  Women Weavers
A linking organization that connects weavers in developing countries with training, retailers, and designers.